Sick in the Head.

I feel SO good today. 

I have had the same headache for 3 days straight and tried everything to get rid of it. EVERYTHING. Drugs, things with lavender in them, pressure points, all of it. Last night when I laid down I decided that if I woke up today and the headache was still there, I would have no choice but to cut my head off. I knew it would be pretty gross, sure, but it probably would have saved me lots of time getting ready in the morning, and no more headaches. PLUS, I am a headless fashion blogger after all, so just think of the time I would save on cropping pictures?

However, today when my alarm went off and I didn't feel any pounding at the base of my skull I KNEW it was going to be a good day. The sun is shining, the leaves are yellow, I still have a head and everything. Such a good day. 

Wanna see a few of those leaves? I just happen to be wearing clothes next to some: 

Dress: ROSS 8.99, Cardigan: F21 7.99, Leggings: ROSS 4.99,
 Belt: Thrifted 1.00, Boots: MakeMeChic: 19.99

Hope you have a fabulous day too!

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