It's your thing.

You know how sometimes you have that one thing that you plan all of your other things around? 

For instance, the pillow that you use to plan how you will decorate a whole room?

The pretty bunch of herbs at the farmers market that all of the fancy farmers market people are buying that you have no freaking clue how to use but you buy them anyways because you want to be fancy too, so now you have to plan your whole dinner around them?

That haircut you got to look like Jennifer Aniston that you really can't pull off but you did it anyways, so now you gotta really step up your getting ready-ness so that you can complete the Jennifer Aniston package? {You know you did it}

Well, I did it with a headband. A WAY cute one I found at a little Christmas gift show that W and I went to a few weeks ago. It is precious. And my outfit would have made little sense without it. But as a package, it worked. Look and see: 


Headband: Gift Show 2.50, Coat: ROSS 24.99, Top: Kohls (free with coupon), 
Skirt: Thrited 4.00, Boots: GoJane 16.99, Tights: 4.99 TJMaxx

Here's to finding the thing that makes all your other things work together to make an even better thing! And thanks for reading our posts, guys. We're nerds, and you sure are good to us. 

Happy THANKSGIVING WEEK. It's gonna be a good one.