It's Thursday and I am thankful.

Hi friends.

It's Thursday, and that means tomorrow is Friday, and that's always a good thing, right? So listen to this. Yesterday I got dressed for once when W dragged me out of my house to go to lunch with her (thank you SO much, W, seriously). And I thought to myself how putting on an outfit with some good waist cinching and dark washed jeans can really just put some major pep in your step when your usual daily uniform is leggings and an over-sized shirt, perfect for spending lots of time at home. So right now, in the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I just wanted to share that I am currently thankful for the power clothes have to make you feel just plain good.

So here is the outfit that brought about my pep and gratitude: 

{sweater: Gap $14.99, top, Old Navy $6.49, jeans: Old Navy $9.99, boots: Pacsun $14.99}

Now, let's play the game where you share: What are you feeling extra thankful for today?
Can't wait to hear.
Have a great day.