If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Hi everyone, my name is S and I'm an Old Navy addict.
Everyone: Hi S!

Yes, it sounds weird, REAL weird. People aren't usually addicted to places like Old Navy. It's more like bars or cupcake places, or even the mall that they are addicted to, but Old Navy, that there is my drug. And it hurts soooo good. 

You see, retail stores really get me down. I have worked in them, W has worked in them, and their sales usually aren't really sales. They are just selling their clothes for what they should be priced at anyway and masquerading as a sale, or are selling all the old crap they haven't been able to get out the door without saying, "hey! this stuff is on sale!" The one exception to this? Old. Navy. 

You say you don't like Old Navy, or you don't believe me? Just listen. I am on the Old Navy mailing list. This I recommend to each and every one of you. It will bless your life. This weekend I got an email about a sale they were having on coats, so hub and I headed over and you won't BELIEVE the haul we made. I'll break it down. 

Coat #1: Original price= 89.94, Sale price=18.73
Coat #2: Original price= 89.94, Sale price=18.73
Coat #3: Original price= 59.94, Sale price= 12.48

Total spent: $53.24! That is a savings of $189.88. 

Don't believe? I have photographic evidence: 

And I swear to you this sale was LEGIT, because the next day those coats were right back up to original price. Ya, baby. That is a sale. 

I swear to you that most of the time I shop there I get stuff cheaper than I do thrifting. I love it. I am unashamed. And yes, on this, Thanksgiving week, I'll say it: I am thankful for Old Navy. Old Navy, you make me look cute with your cheap cheap clothes. The gratitude I have in my heart for you is overflowing. 

And yes, just about 50% of my outfit today is from O.N., and it was...you guessed it, on sale and CHEAP. Duh. Get on that mailing list, people! Don't make me tell you again. 

Now look and see the deals:

Sweater: H&M 11.00, Top: Old Navy: 6.50, 
Pants: Old Navy 1.50 (SERIOUSLY), Boots: PacSun 14.99


Oh ya, and the LUCKY winner of the much coveted
 photography session from Sami Jo photography is....

I liked Sami Jo's facebook page. Her photography is amazing!

Congratulations Kelsey Ann! Contact us at prettylifeanonymous@gmail.com to claim your prize! Thanks to EVERYONE who entered and made this giveaway a great success!!