DIY Headboard.

This morning when I got to work the temperature was 22 degrees. That is downright brisk, folks. Which means the season of being stuck inside in hibernation is upon us. Sometimes when I think of it, it makes me want to die, but I try not to let it get me down for long, because being stuck inside means CRAFTS. And crafts are FUN, especially when coupled with treats, which is always the case in my house. I get hungry when I'm crafty.

Today I'm going to show you a BEYOND simple and easy craft I did earlier in the year. A very simple headboard made from a couple of 2 in. thick foam poster boards, some fake snow I found at Joann on sale, a couple of yards of pretty fabric, some wooden buttons, and a nail or two. I give you, my friends, the my-husband-and-I-are-both-graduate-students-and-thus-we-live-on-a-graduate-student-budget headboard for under $10 and in 5 steps:

Materials: Boards, snow, fabric, buttons, etc.


Step 1: Glue the boards together, then glue as many layers of the batting over the boards as you want (depending on your desired thickness), pulling it over the edges and gluing to the back to give a roundedness {word? know what I mean}...


It will look like this: 

Step 3: Cover board with fabric. Glue like there's no tomorrow:


Step 4: Prepare your buttons by covering them with fabric and pulling string though to feed into the headboard:


Step 5: Measure where you want the buttons, poke holes, thread the buttons through...

(my apologies for the censorship. this craft was done long
before I aspired to be an anonymous blogger. :))


You are done! Just nail that sucker to the wall!



Wish you could see how cute the button tufts are in the pictures, but you can't. Take my word for it, they are CUTE. I guess that means you will just have to come over and visit so you can see how it looks in person. We can lay in bed and watch a movie. There will be snacks for that too. Obvi. 

Happy headboarding!

PS. Have you entered???

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