You've Got Class.

Let's go on a journey, shall we? 

The year is 1998, I'm 14 years old, with unfortunate braces and an even more unfortunate bangs situation. The movie "You've Got Mail" comes out, and it is like, the greatest thing EVER. Tom Hanks is waaay funny, AOL is the coolest thing in the whole wide world, and Meg Ryan: I want to BE her. My 14 year old self thought her character in that movie was perfection. The adorable bookstore, the fancy life in New York, THE HAIR, and MOST importantly, the wardrobe. Peacoats, oversized sweaters, structured skirts, cardigans, and tailored blouses. It was late-nineties perfection. I often thought while watching: "Who could be more sublime then Meg Ryan in this movie? Nobody." (Even though I was 14 and probably didn't use the word "sublime," it was probably more like "Meg Ryan is alllll that!" I'm soooo much more sophisticated now.) All I wanted to do was be Kathleen Kelly when I grew up. 

And while, unfortunately for me, here in 2011 AOL is pretty much obsolete, and Meg Ryan's hair isn't really the style people are running to their hairstylist to copy anymore, some of the pieces in her wardrobe still hold up because they are classics, like her crisp white blouses or a great fitting black turtleneck. So today I have channeled my inner Kathleen Kelly with a simple outfit worn to pay homage to my 14 year old longings. 

And although the bookstore never happened for me, and Logan, UT isn't exactly NYC, I do have white blouses and turtlenecks, and I think Tom Hanks and me would be fast friends even if I didn't have the Meg Ryan hair, and I can adjust my outlook settings to say "you've got mail" anytime someone emails me if I want, so pretty much, all of my 1998 dreams have come true. 

Jacket: ROSS 8.99, Blouse: Old Navy: 2.99, Belt: Thrifted 1.00, 
Jeans: F21 10.99, Shoes: UrbanOG 29.00

You may now tell your favorite "You've Got Mail" scene in the comments. Go. 
Also, have the GREATEST day. 
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