DIY Canvas and Glue Art

I know a lot of you have probably seen this project all over Pinterest, but I actually made it for myself, and I had to share for a couple reasons: 

So, first off, here is what you will need:

Then you dive in! Find a pattern that inspires you, and draw it on the canvas with the glue. You can trace it lightly with pencil first if you want to be safe.

You could also use dimensional fabric paint for this project. If you use glue and find that it settles flatter than you want, you can just go over everything one more time once it has dried.

Once the glue is dry (I let mine dry overnight), spray paint the canvas the color(s) of your choice.

I liked the clean look of white on white.

Hang it up and be inspired! What design and/or phrase would you put on your canvas? We love to hear your ideas!
xo, Sam