Oh so glamorous...

My life is soooo glamorous. 

Yesterday I used one of my vacation days so I could spend 4 hours of my life reading
 car magazines while sitting in various tire/lube/car repair places. Let me tell ya, it was no Cancun, people. Even though for the amount that I paid them, I could have bought a plane ticket there.

This morning I got pulled over and tried to bat my eyelashes a little to get out of it, only to realize after the officer drove away that I only had mascara on ONE EYE. So I batted my eyelash at him, and I got a ticket. 

This morning's outfit picture setting is in the lovely confines of my office at work. Notice the attractive low-pile carpet, the 1970's painted wood door, and the way that the fluorescent lighting really highlights the wrinkles in my dress that I couldn't get out with my flat iron:

Dress: ROSS 7.99, Leggings: ROSS 2.99, Belt: F21 2.00, Shoes: Shiekh Shoes 19.99

Like I said, GLAMOROUS. 

It's not so bad though. The weather is magnificent today, the leaves on the mountains look like they are on fire, S and I are going to see Thriller tonight (our fav Halloween time tradition), and I plan to take a walk across campus about 2 seconds after I post this to get my Diet Coke on. Glamorous? Heck no. Not so bad? Yes. 

Have a glamorous day!