Do not panic.

We are officially approaching weather-complaining season. You know, where all of our posts start with us complaining about how freaking cold it gets here. Yes, the forecast for Thursday and Friday is a high of 52, meaning most of the day will be in the 40s. Seriously, Utah, just slap us in the face with winter. It's fine. Whatever. 

But whether we like it or not, our lives are changing because of the weather. It is a time of transitions and adjustments. We go from eating hot dogs and popsicles in the lovely summer weather to soups and hot chocolate in winter hibernation. We spend more time bundled up inside in front of the TV instead of at the pool or park. We go from shaving daily for our summer outfits to, well, you know...not. 

And of course, we go from wearing as light of clothing as we can get away with to wearing as much clothing as it takes to survive the low temps. As much fun as it would be to buy an entirely new wardrobe when the weather changes, it's not feasible for us. So we take our favorite summer items, and we adjust them to make them work for the cold weather. 

Case in point --- this lightweight sleeveless dress from Vera Wang for Kohls' summer collection. Simply add a cardigan, belt, tights, and booties, and BAM! it's now completely fall/winter appropriate:

{dress: 6.78 Kohl's, sweater: 21.00 Maurices, shoes: 20.80}

So don't panic. We know you will make it through this time of transition, and if it gets hard, just know that you always have us to lean on. We can make it!


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