Birthdays. I just love 'em.

Well, my birthday is coming up. And I am excited. It's not super soon, but I think it's about time I start announcing it. Because that's what I do---I announce my birthday two months in advance so people can start preparing (it's November 27th, in case you were wondering). I make and share Google Docs that contain wish-list items for my husband and family members to "surprise" me with. Also, my birthday falls near, and sometimes on, Thanksgiving, so I get a little possessive and make sure there is one day celebrating me and one day giving thanks and that they are kept separate (except for people being thankful for me on Thanksgiving, which just happens naturally because of the timing and everything).

Anyway, does it seem like I might have a problem? Like maybe I am a little crazy about my birthday? Are my expectations reasonable? Is this behavior something that should have worn off around, I don't know, age 15? Because I am turning 24 and wondering if I need to get some counseling or whatever it takes if this seems abnormal. My husband tolerates it, so it can't be that big of a deal, right? Then again, my husband pampers me daily by covering me with blankets and making me milkshakes and stuff. Am I rambling?

Okay so let me know what you think about that. And then look at this outfit I wore the other day that contains some of the things currently on my birthday wishlist, namely layering pieces (sweaters and blouses), comfy stretchy jeans, and booties. Because I can't get enough of any of those things.

 {sweater: Old Navy 8.99, blouse: Old Navy: 9.99, jeans: Gap 14.99, shoes: 25.00}

And now, as an early birthday present to myself, and to one of you, I am going to announce the lucky winner of the $50 La Posh gift card. And it is...

Learned Lady,
Who said: "I follow you by email, and I would totally buy those cognac wedge boots!" 

Congratulations! I don't know about everyone else, but I am so freaking jealous. Send us an email at and we will get things worked out.

Have a great Monday!