Three things.

1. The top I have on today from F21 is back in stock from last year when I bought it. It's one of my fav's, so that is why I mention this to you. Also, because I think it would be fun for you to buy one and then we could meet up somewhere and drink one milkshake with 2 straws, and get in the middle of some kind of silly shenanigans in our matching shirts like the Olsen twins circa 1998. {Yes, I am in my mid-twenties and still want to be an Olsen twin. I can't help it. It seems that even though they dress like bag-lady witches now, I just can't let the dream die.}

2. I do not iron. This shirt was WAY wrinkled and instead of taking it off, plugging in the iron, and giving it a quick swipe, I used my flat iron while wearing the shirt to get the wrinkles out. For some reason the idea of receiving 3rd degree burns from a flat iron on my stomach seems to be more manageable then just ironing the shirt. Yes Mother, you taught me better than that, it's just that ironing is HARD. 

3. I will discuss #3 with you below after I show you what I'm wearing: 

Top: F21 18.90, Jeans: Old Navy 5.99, 
Flats: Steve Madden via ROSS 8.99, Necklaces: I can't remember

Now, on to #3:

3. I ran over to S's last night, and in case you think she was kidding in yesterday's post about not getting real dressed up these days, I have photographic evidence:

Yep. Those right there are Snowman socks, people. In September. With shorts.

She is down-right fabulous. 
And by the way, so are you!!

Have a great Tuesday.