One Friday, Two Pillows.

On Friday I made two pillows. They were BEYOND easy, cost less than $5 each to make, and will make you want to slap your Grandma, they are so cute. 

Here is how to make them:

Pillow #1: The no-sew ruffle. 

1. What you need: Enough felt to cover the pillow, an unfortunately patterned existing pillow that you want to cover, a glue gun, scissors.

2. Cut A LOT of circles. Size does not matter. I actually found that having a variety of sizes added to the cuteness when it was all finished, so go crazzzzy. 

3. Cover existing pillow in leftover fabric. I literally just wrapped mine up like a present and glue gunned it. It's not rocket science here people, it's crafts. I also glued a button on each end for extra cuteness. Worth it.

4. Fold your circles in half (I did press some of mine with an iron to get them to stay) and start gluing them together on the pillow. The end. 

Pillow #2: The a-little-bit-of-sewing-and-painting chevron. 

1. This tutorial I actually found on the fabulous blog Two Girls Being Crafty. Their tutorial will be better than mine, but I will instruct anyway. What you need: Fabric to either make a new pillow or cover an existing pillow, pillow stuffing if you are making a new pillow, painters tape, acrylic or fabric paint, paint brush, thread. 

2. Sew a quick pillow form and stuff it with your stuffing. 

3. Tape your chevron pattern to the pillow

4. Paint it. The end. 

And here they are, chevron and ruffle sitting on a bench. I love them, and I think they love each other too, judging from the way they have snuggled up to each other. 

A match made in pillow heaven. 
Happy pillowing!