On my mind...

Hi friends. It's Thursday. We've nearly made it. Here's what's on my mind today:

1. My kindle just hit it's year b-day and with the announcement of the new one's yesterday, now it's out of date. While this saddens me, I feel like I should let her know publicly that I still love her. Here goes: Dear my Kindle, I don't care what people say. You are still of value even though your version is now obsolete. Yours Truly, W. 

2.The pants I have on below are jeans, but black. And I wear them to work and feel like I am rocking the core of the whole dress-code system. Sometimes I feel the urge to run through my department screaming, "I've been wearing jeans the WHOLE time, and none of you suckers knew! HAHAHAHA." A girl's gotta have dreams. 

3. I am soooo excited for LDS General Conference this weekend. Plus, I got new couches yesterday, the first non-slip covered set in 4 years of marriage, and spent nearly the entire night stroking them and telling them how beautiful I think they are, so pretty much I have no plans to leave my house all weekend. 

4. I couldn't find my memory card for my camera ANYWHERE last night and had to take pictures with my iPad. Sorry that they are less than stellar. White girl problems. 

5. I want to eat this. Today. But I am real scared of making bread with yeast. I am also scared of octopuses. Help.  

6. I really love the weather in Utah right now. It is perfection. I could live in the low 80's forever. And while my toes are itching to have some boots on them, I am holding out, because once March comes, I know I will want to chuck those same boots I am itching to wear to Siberia because I will be so sick of them. Weather is stressful. 

7. Is this really fashionable? Can someone help me understand? I dont geeeet it. Also, isn't the non-twin so gorg? Just look at her

8. Annnd here is what I wore yesterday:

What's on your mind??
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Happy day before Friday!