Ode to W.

Today I am going to write a little ode to my sister and BFF --- W. You see, tomorrow is her birthday, and she deserves recognition. Because she is awesome. And I love her. And I think you guys love her, too.

Let me tell you a little about W. She is the most loyal sister, wife, and friend. She works so hard and is so good at everything she does. She is insanely creative, ridiculously cute, and knows how to make everyone feel loved. She is one of those girls that you want to be just like because she is able to accomplish so much and still look perfect and kept together, and keep a positive attitude, and she has her priorities straight. She cares about others 1000 times more than she cares about herself, and will sacrifice nearly everything to help anyone. She always looks out for and protects me, and I don't know what I would do without her. 

Happy birthday tomorrow, W --- I love you!!!

{S on the left, W on the right}

Now will you all help me out and show her some major comment love for her B-Day? You are the best. Have a great day!