My apologies.

I am feeling really bad. Like a slacker. Like a not-good blogger. You see, I have been working from home, so I don't wear cute clothes and I don't have cute or funny things happen to me.

My life is just not so cute right now. It's more like, maybe-I'll-get-dressed-if-I-go-to-the-grocery-store-but-probably-not, right now. But that is just how it goes sometimes, ya know? However, I think it has been good for me because it has made me a better advocate for the stay at home mom/work from home person who might not see another living, breathing, soul except your significant other or children all day. To you stay at home-ers I say, I get you. Don't feel bad that you didn't get dressed today, because I certainly didn't. You are doing just fine.

That said, I do subscribe to the philosophy that if you look good, you feel good, so I hereby promise you that when I get a job in the real live world and start associating with people and start putting on clothes worth looking at, I will write the best posts you have ever seen. Especially since the funniest part about this whole scenario is that even though I hardly get dressed, I still shop. All the time. But I do not wear what I buy, as I have no where to go. I have problems. Let's move on.

Here is what I wore on Sunday, the one day that I usually get dressed up:

{dress: TJMaxx, belt: Violet Hill Boutique, Necklace: Van Heusen, shoes: Ross}

Hope you have a great day no matter what you're wearing!