Here I go.

Did anyone else watch Up All Night last night? Of course I got sucked into it after watching Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. win America's Got Talent (what?! what?!). Well, if you missed it, Up All Night was so freaking funny I can't stop thinking about it. And that is just what I need---Another TV show to be addicted to. Add that to the list along with The Sing Off, Smash, Modern Family, Friends reruns, Toddlers and Tiaras, What Not to Wear, and the list goes on...I can't help myself.

I did, however, come to a kind of realization whilst in the midst of my TV watching, and it is, I really need structure in my life. I'm not just talkin structured blouses, either. I mean the real kind. Like to go to the gym more often. And to work harder on cooking good meals. And to get a full-time job. And to keep my house clean. But instead, I watch  lots of Lifetime/Hallmark movies while I sit on my couch and make websites. {Sidenote: Don't knock Lifetime movies until you try them. Seriously, they are like crack...or Pringles. Once you start you can't stop.}

Luckily, sometimes sissy (W, as you know her) gets me out of the house and makes me go shopping with her, and eat lunch with her, forcing me to have some dignity and fix myself up. And that is what happened yesterday. And this is me outside of Kohls. And this is what I wore.

{shirt: ROSS 7.99, jeans: Old Navy 8.50, shoes: Payless 20.00, purse: gift from husband}

So  now that I have admitted my problem, I am going to overcome it by turning my TV off, cleaning my kitchen, and being extra productive. I should really be paying you for this blogger therapy. Sheesh.

Wish me luck!

And have a great day.