Going to pieces over Pinterest.

We are having a serious discussion here at PLA today. I want you to feel like you can be open and honest with your emotions here. This is where you can speak your mind. In fact, it is encouraged in order to come to terms with what is going on inside you. This is a safe place.

Here is my question: Does Pinterest ever stress you out? You can admit it. No one in the blog world will think you are less cute. Promise.

Well, it stresses me. Don't get me wrong, I am a faithful pin-er, but sometimes I get a little anxiety when I open it up. It's just that I start seeing all of those pictures, and then I start thinking to myself, am I not a good person because I want to just buy a skirt instead of make one out of a pillowcase? Is my party not going to be cute if my brownies aren't the shape of a ball, covered in edible glitter, and mounted on a hand-painted cake-pop stick? Are people not going to think my nails are cute if they aren't painted with chevrons, or polka dots, or glitter in the shape of my first born's face? Is my dessert not going to be delicious if it's not oreos inside of a cookie inside of a brownie inside of a cheesecake all wrapped in ganache? Will people not want to come to my house if I don't have the perfect handmade DIY wreath hanging on my door with perfect handmade tiny felt flowers or leaves or santa's glued to them? Will my child not love me if their nursery isn't hip and they don't have a mobile of hand-sewn baby birds made from fabric I made myself? Will anyone even want to get cereal out of my pantry if the shelves aren't lined in vintage wallpaper and the sugar and flour and oatmeal dispensers aren't in glass hurricane jars with typography labels?

Yes. It's enough to make you want to go back to the 1800's and just spend the day churning some butter. Those ladies never had to worry about whether they were drying the leaves correctly for the perfect fall DIY centerpiece. It was just churn, churn, churn....

And while I love pinterest, and it mostly inspires me, and only sometimes makes me so stressed that my eyeballs almost pop out, I think it's good to remember that cake is still CAKE, and pie is still PIE, WHETHER YOU EAT IT OUT OF A FREAKING MASON JAR OR NOT. Ok? Ok.

I feel sooooo much better. And yes, my outfit today was inspired by pinterest. At least this gal's belted vest idea. Enjoy.

Jeans: Old Navy 5.99, Blouse: Old Navy 4.79, 
Vest: Target 8.99, Belt: Kohls 2.99, Shoes: ROSS 9.99

Happy pinning. 
Love you, mean it. 


PS. We just created a PLA facebook page TODAY. It took me like 2 hours to figure it out, so you better get on there and like it. Serious. I am exhausted.