The "dressed up" debate.

You know how there are those people who always gotta ask:
"What are you dressed up for?"

They make me crazy. Yes, you. Always asking what I am dressed up for. You are ticking me off. Sometimes I just want to scream at you, "LIFE!!! I am dressed up for liiiiiife!!!" Because most of the time I'm not "dressed up" for anything in particular, mostly just to show life that I am takin things seriously, ya know?

And they make it sound like a bad thing too. The "you" in the sentence usually goes up in the middle so it becomes like an accusation, like I picked flowers from their yard or something. And that's when I want to scream: "It's not a crime to wear clothes that fit and to tuck in your shirt!" and then push them down and run away.

And sometimes the asking of the question is unfounded. Like today, where I wore a simple trouser jean and tall shoes. Apparently to some that is "dressed up" and warrants an explanation for said dressiness. You would have thought I was dressed to have tea with the queen with the way a certain someone asked me about what I was wearing. Makes no sense. This isn't even dressy!! It makes me want to respond with "What are YOU dressed DOWN for????" and then see what the clothing police has to say on the subject. 

No,  I do not get you, you, "why are you so dressed up" asker. I do not get you at all.  Ahhhh....that felt good. On to the evidence:

Jeans: Ross 13.99, Blouse: F21 12.99. Belt: F21 2.00, Wedges: Ross 14.99

Now go get dressed up, and show them who's boss. 
You look fabulous by the way.