Yippy I-O Candy Co.

Happy Monday, friends. Are we gonna survive this one? For S and I over here, the chances are slim, since we are back in the real world after a week of nothing but fun. And to make it even worse, not only am I back at work today, but I also start school today. That's just a 50 lb. bag of salt on the wound, I tell ya.

Luckily, while we were gone we took about a billion pictures to help keep the memories alive, and since it is Monday, and I am really struggling over here, I will be showing you some from a place that made me truly happy. Yes, it's a candy store. Where I purchased 1.5 lbs of various flavors of fudge. Which I have on hand to get me through this day. It cost me $16. More than the shoes I am wearing right now cost. Priorities, people. It's all about priorities.

And yes, we had to first, destroy one of the candy displays, then make one of the sales girls go to the back to get a second ginormous lolly-pop just for this shot. I hope you appreciate the weirdo lengths we go to to take weirdo headless pictures for you. You are loved.

Have a great day and don't forget to enter to win those ADORABLE personalized notecards!!