What I learned from Stacy and Clinton.

Let's talk fashion. It seems like we don't discuss fashion too often because neither W nor I claim to be fashion experts, so we talk about other important things like the weather, school, food, or other things going on in our lives and then include pictures of clothes that may or may not be related to the discussion. However, there are definitely some tricks that we have mastered or make a concerted effort to use, and I want to share them with you today.

As most of you know, W is technical writer of sorts, and requires that I give credit where credit is due {slave driver}, so you should know that this stuff isn't new. Do you really think I could figure out all of these tricks on my own? Absolutely not. I gained my fashion education from watching lots of episodes of What Not to Wear, pretty much the Harvard of fashion related reality TV. And here are what I think {and what Stacy and Clinton say} are the must-dos of flattering fashion:

1. Wear dark-wash jeans.
{all jeans from Forever21)

If you are shopping for jeans and are torn between a light wash and a dark wash, always choose dark wash. It will be more flattering. I promise. (Another jeans tip: If you are heavier in the bottom, choose straight leg jeans, meaning there is a straight line from the hips to the bottom of the pant leg. It lengthens the legs and doesn't draw attention to certain areas of the leg.)

2. Define your waist.

 {Kendi, Kristine, Sarah}

If you are a girl/woman, it's always a good idea to define your waist one way or another: belts, sashes, high-waist skirts, structure in jackets and shirts. Not only does it show off your curves, but it also gives the illusion that your legs start at your waist and go on for miles. Which is what we like. (A tip on belts: Wider belts are more slenderizing than skinny belts. If you really want to create the illusion of a teeny-tiny waist, a wide belt is the safest bet.)

3. Use patterns to draw attention to areas you are proud of.  Patterns are visually interesting. Our eyes are drawn to them. If you love your top-half, wear a shirt with a bold pattern. The opposite is also true -  if you are unhappy with an area, avoid big-huge bold patterns there. Easy enough. 

Now, here are some pictures of me (wearing a belt, defining my waist and making my legs look longer than normal) before church on Sunday. Also, a picture of husband, just because he looked totally foxy and we kinda matched.

{dress: JCPenney, cardigan: Old Navy, shoes: Target}

{shirt: Van Heusen Outlet, pants: Ross, shoes: Ross}

Now, share your own tips and tricks of the fashion trade, leave us some comment love, and enter our giveaway! 

Oh, and have a great Tuesday!