Tuesday Guest Post: Six Sisters Stuff

We are so glad to introduce today's guest post-ers. We love them (not only in blog-world, but in real life, too), and we love their blog which is growing insanely fast. 

They are the Six Sisters from Six Sisters Stuff.

These ladies cook and craft like you would not believe, and we can't thank them enough for posting on the PLA today. Enjoy!

 We are the Six Sisters at Six Sisters Stuff . . . that's right, six girls and no boys! Growing up, we had our share of petty fights over clothes, make-up, and even boys . . . but thankfully we have grown up and are now best friends. We LOVE to be together but life, jobs, school, marriage, and babies have taken us pretty far apart from each other so we use our blog to share ideas and stay in touch. Our blog is full of family recipes, fun crafts, DIY projects, and ideas for raising kids. Feel free to stop by our blog and join the sisterhood! There is always room for one more!
Hi!  This is Camille, one of the Six Sisters, and today I'm going to be sharing with you my easy tutorial on how to make this chiffon and bead necklace.

My inspiration came from this cute Anthropologie necklace that they were selling earlier this year.  I love, love, LOVE Anthropologie . . . but usually everything is out of our price range. However, this little necklace went on sale for $20, but even then I didn't buy it because I knew that I could make it for less money. Way less money. Maybe even for free . . .

So here is what you need:

Step 1: I cut (well, actually I ripped because I liked the "unfinished edge" look) a piece of sheer fabric that was 3" x 58" long. I also ended up cutting off the selvage edge.

Step 2: Now you want to start with your middle bead and string it onto the piece of fabric. I realized that this sheer fabric is super hard to squeeze through a tiny bead hole, so I started looking around my house for something that I could use to push my fabric through. At first I found a skewer, but it was too fat to fit through the hole. And then . . . I found the perfect tool! This is one of the little tools that comes in an at-home hair highlighting kit (yes, I totally highlight my own hair . . . I am cheap like that!) to pull your hair through a cap. It worked perfectly!

Step 3: Once you string the bead on, tie a big loose knot on either side of it. In the Anthro original, I think that they tied a couple of knots between beads. You can do whatever you feel like. :)

Step 4:String a bead on either side of the first bead and tie more knots.

Step 5: I ended up only using 5 beads- you can use more if you would like to. Tie a knot after the last bead.

Step 6: Bring your two ends together and tie a bow (or tie a knot like I did).

Super easy - I finished the whole necklace in about 10 minutes!

Have a great day!
XO-Six Sisters