TOMS, and stripes, and other things.

Hello. S here. Remember me?

I feel like I haven't written for a while and I am finding myself having a hard time getting any inspiration for this blog post because, frankly, my brain is fried, and I am still sicker than a dog. When it rains it pours, right? Good heavens. And my lack of inspiration is seeping out into other facets of my life, arguably the most important there is: shopping.

You see, my husband has a birthday coming up soon and he is hoping for a pair of TOMS. Now, I am aware that people have mixed feelings about these shoes, but after hearing a few different arguments, I have decided I am still going to buy them {as always, feel free to voice your feelings on the shoes in the comments. We love a hearty debate.} Anyway, like I was saying, I am feeling uninspired and not sure which to pick. Will you help? I knew I could count on you. Here are my top choices:



I know they aren't that different. But I value your opinions and your shrewd eye. So cast your vote. Perhaps we will even feature the winning pair in a little husband-themed outfit post, since he is one tall drink of water. 

In other news, here is what I am wearing and what happens to be my fried-brain-ucler-ridden-summer uniform. A comfy striped shirt, some skinnies, and some flats. You know, you can use clothes and shopping as medication. This works for me.  

{shirt: Old Navy $14.94, jeans: Old Navy $7.50, necklace: Kohl's $12.00}

I really hope you all have a great day. And thanks in advance for the help on the Tom's matter. You're the best.

Yours truly,