{top: Rue 21 $6.50, jeans: Charlotte Russe $6, shoes: Rue 21 6.50, Belt: F21 3.00}

Have we ever mentioned that we have two brothers? We have brother D (the oldest) and brother J (the youngest), and W and I are right in the middle. I wish I had pictures of the brothers to share with you (they are dang cute), because they are actually quite fashionable themselves. Maybe we need to start featuring male fashion with the husbands and the brothers. Thoughts?

And, speaking of the brothers, both of them read the blog regularly and often feel the need to share their opinions on what they think we need to do to make the blog better and what topics we need to share, etc. Yes, they are total divas. But usually their suggestions are right on the money so we let them sound off. And, like the brothers, we want you to share your opinions. What topics would you like us to discuss? What do you want to see more of? Clothes? DIYs? Food? What do you want to know about us? We just want to make sure your blog-reading time is quality, you know? 

Now, comment like crazy. You guys are the best.