Q: What's black and white and pink all over?

A: A penguin with a sunburn, an embarrassed zebra, or me. Yesterday.

Dress: Target $20, Cardi: F21 7.99, Belt: Thrifted 1.00,
Necklace: Gift, Shoes: ROSS 7.99

Did you have a good weekend? I did. I baked, and made strawberry jam, and laid by the pool with S, and saw The Help {fabulous}, and visited Bear Lake with friends, and had a pool party with other friends, and rode my bike, and hung out with family, and took a Sunday nap. It was glorious. No wonder I am feeling so inspired today. I mean, I'd have to be to come up with a post title as wildly hilarious as mine is today. Don't you think? That is inspiration, my friends.

Hope your weekend was great too. Happy Monday.