I love you, Summer.

I can feel it. The end of summer is near.

We have our last family vacation next week. School starts the week after that (not for me, but for my husband, and for W and her husband, and for brother J, and lots of you). Sweaters and boots are all over in the stores. Swimsuits are on clearance. The days are getting shorter. Spiders are finding their way into my house. All signs of the end of summer.


Once the cold comes, I get into a funk where I gravitate toward lots of black, lots of covering up, and sweats, and start eating lots of carbs to curb the saddness like a bear going into hibernation. So, on this glorious summer day I am taking full advantage of the bright colors, short sleeves, and tight-less legs I can wear before my hibernation begins.

{shirt: Thrifted 4.00, skirt: Thrifted, 4.00, shoes: onlineshoes.com 10.00}

And on top of its summery-ness, this outfit is probably one of the cheapest outfits posted on this blog to date. Are you proud? Entire outfit: $18.00. At least we know that even in the depths of winter, thrift stores will always be there to lift our frozen spirits with a cheap outfit. That I should knit on a pillow. Inspiring.

Are you feeling the end of summer too? Let's talk about it. Mourn with those that mourn, if you will.

Yours truly,