Hippie Chic.

You know how somedays you wake up and your body isn't exactly Heidi Klum's, but it has been a hard morning so you eat a brownie and a diet coke for breakfast anyways, and then your boss is really bugging you so for lunch you swing on by Chik-fil-a to self medicate with waffle fries and a peach milkshake, and then for dinner you are too tired to cook, so ordering a pizza just feels so right?

It's at these times that I am grateful for the hippies.

Those peace-loving weirdos really did us a service in the fashion department, such as making it fashionable to wear shirts that are bigger and flowier than the Mississippi River. Which, incidentally, are perfect for covering food babies and body parts that are not quiet Heidi Klum-like. I am alllll about it.

Top: TJ Maxx 12.99, Pants: Old Navy $2.98, Shoes: ROSS 7.99

Thank you hippies!
Peace, love, and flowy shirts.


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