First day under fifty dollars.

With the first day of school rapidly approaching for many of us, we have been receiving lots of emails asking for advice on how to find the deals while back to school shopping. Well students, I'm about to tell you. Pencils ready? Here it is, now pay close attention here. My advice: Go shopping and watch for the deals. Yep. That's it.

Also, if something is a lot of money, don't buy it. That's really my whole philosophy. Because chances are if I find something I really love and it is really expensive, I can always google it, or go to ROSS, or keep looking, and I will likely find something I will like just as much that will be easier on my wallet. For example, I have put together a sassy first day of school outfit for you today entirely under $50. How did I do it? Lots of looking, googling coupon codes, and raw talent. And very little was sacrificed on the part of my bank account. Here it is:

Necklace, Shoes, {use coupon code 15mnma to get the deal!}Top
{use coupon code summer11 to get the deal!}Belt, Jeans 

Now students, your final exam is to get out and shop. And keep it cheap. You can do it! Pack a snack, have some patience, let us know what you find. Class dismissed.