Weekend Things.

Remember last week's Five Things when I went on and on about glitter nails and friendship bracelets? Well I did them. And I documented them for you. I know you were worried all weekend about how they would turn out, so I will post these pictures now to rid you of your anxiety. First, the glitter tipped nails:

I think they turned out cute! I used loose glitter from Michael's and dabbed it on with a wet paint brush onto my base coat, then put 2 top coats on top. So fun. And our Michael's is right next to Chik-fil-a and they have peach shakes right now that I can barely discuss the deliciousness of, so I would say all in all it was a success. 

Next, the friendship bracelets, which my cat was very fascinated by: 

These were fun, and my husband even got into it. It turned out to be quite therapeutic to do while we watched a movie over the weekend. Husband jumped right in and made me that lovely chevron one on the left. I struggled and could only make him a striped one (on the right). It was a situation of too many freaking strings to keep straight. However, after days of practice I have nearly conquered that dang chevron. They are cute though, right?

In other weekend happenings, S and I had to sing in church. It was scary. Many xanax's were digested by myself. Luckily, husband's grandma came up to visit and bought me this looooovely dress from Old Navy {have you been there lately? hooooly summer cuteness} and when I put it on I was all the sudden Whitney Houston, and the singing was no big thing. Amazing what a new pretty dress can do.

Dress: Old Navy gift, Cardi: Target 6.99, Shoes: ROSS 14.99

My weekend=success.
Now only if we didn't have to wait sooo long for another one.
Come fast Friday! I beg of you!

Hope yours was great too!