Thrifty Fashion for your Walls...

My husband and I currently rent a little farm-style home near where we go to school and we love it. What we don't love are all the white white white walls that abound in a rental. Because of the blinding whiteness I am always looking for affordable removable/reversible decorating ideas to bring some color and texture to my house, and in one of my google-quests for said ideas I came across this method of wallpapering your house with fabric and cornstarch. The supplies were so affordable that I figured I didn't have much to lose so a little while ago I tried it out.

Here is what you need:

-Lightweight fabric
-Liquid Starch
-Sponge or Paint Roller
-Container to pour starch into
-Not pictured: Patient husband who allows you to follow through on your harebrained decorating schemes

Just measure your fabric to match the wall, cut it, pour your starch into your bucket, dip your sponge in it, then start wiping the walls with it.

Smooth the fabric against the starch coated wall, brushing and smoothing it to get out any bumps, then wet your sponge again and go over the top of the fabric with the starch. Mine stuck immediately to the wall, but if yours doesn't, you can tack or tape the fabric so it will stay in place until it is dry. Then just wait for it to dry.

To remove, all you have to do is soak the fabric with water and it will peel off.



Before & After:

I love it, it wasn't hard, it is easy to clean, and there is a little less white in my house. Also, I had some extra fabric that I may or may not have made a skirt with, and when I wear it my kitchen and I match like Mary Kate and Ashley circa 1997. Win win, I tell ya.

Have any of you renters out there tried anything creative to combat the whiteness? We'd love to hear about your projects!


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