Our Grandma is better than your Grandma.

I have a fun hangover today. A bad one.

All of the sunshine, parades, barbecues, boat rides, late night card games, outdoor movies, and fireworks left me in a world of hurt when I awoke to the harsh realities of facing the real world today. I only wish you could see my hair as a result of my dragging myself out of bed 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, and the wrinkled shirt I have on that I yanked out of my luggage whilst half asleep. I am disheveled. It isn't pretty. I blame the fun.

One of many highlights from the weekend was wearing the dresses our Grandma made for S and I when we went with her to church. They are gorgeous, fit like a glove, and were super affordable to make. Our Grandma is one talented lady, and is the ultimate savvy fashionista since she has made nearly her entire wardrobe by hand.

S's dress

W's dress

{Both fabrics and pattern purchased at JoAnn.
 Feel free to email us if you want the pattern #}

I love them. And our Grandma. And the 4th of July.
And the ice cold Diet Coke on my desk that I will be nursing this entire day.
Having ridiculous amounts of fun is tiring.

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


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