Freaking out and interview wear

You guys. I am freaking. I have been clenching my jaw nonstop. My appetite is so wack. I lay in bed for hours before I fall asleep because my mind is racing. And this is why: I am coming to the end of my schooling. Bachelors degree... check. Masters degree... check (well, not yet, but in a few weeks). I am feeling way frazzled because I have gone to school almost my whole life and now I have to do something else.

Help me.

My world is being rocked for this reason: I am a planner. I make plans. I organize things. I like to know where I am going and what I will be doing, and for once in my life I have no idea what that is. I might work from home. I might work in an office. I might move. I might not. I might do this. I might do that. I don't know. And the not knowing is killing me.

I am sure it will all work out one way or another, and I have to remind myself of that every second. I am going to keep my mind and my options open. After all, I need to be in a good mental place in case Oprah calls with a job offer.

So I had an interview for a job last week. I decided I don't want the job. But this is what I wore.

{blouse: Gap, skirt: Ross, shoes: DSW, necklace: Kohls}

You may now wish me luck, share advice, give me counsel, send chocolate, express your sympathies, etc. Please? Thank you.

Have a great Monday!
From, S.