Dresses part II.

Happy Thursday friends!! We've almost made it! Thank. Goodness. And what better way to pass the hours until Friday than by discussing one of my favorite things? It's spray paint. I love it. I spray paint everything. If I want to give something an update instead having to buy something brand new, I spray paint it. Old pair of ballet flats I wish were grey and not black? Spray paint them. Need a pair of earrings in red and only have silver? Spray paint them. Want a white cat instead of a black one? Spray paint it. {Ok, that was a joke. I love my cat and do not abuse animals. Please do not email and scold me.}

Don't be afraid of spray paint, people. It is the cheap fashionista's BFF. For example, when the fabulous Mikarose sent me the darling Riley dress, I didn't have the perfect belt for it. What I did have was an extra black belt and some gold spray paint:

...a couple minutes later I had the perfect belt for my perfect Mikarose dress:

Isn't this dress the prettiest? It fits like a glove, the length could not be more perfect, the fabric and style are so lovely, and, my favorite, it's got pockets baby! How could I NOT love it?? 

Now get out there and spray paint your little hearts out! 
And click here to get your own Riley dress. You will thank me. 

And don't forget, you can enter to win your own Mikarose dress. The fabulous Ashley dress, to be exact, the same one that Morgan just happens to be styling today and is looking faaaabulous {click here to see her, once you do I know you will be dying to win one for yourself. Freaking cute.}


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