Well hello Wednesday, my archenemy. We meet again. 

You know, you are probably one of my least favorite days with your exhaustive middleness. You're not really the beginning of the week anymore, but not the end, you're just nestled in this place where I am always tired and feel like it should be the weekend but it's not because you are there with your big fat Wednesday-ness getting in the way. You are like the flat soda of weekdays. However, today I am combating you with a cute dress. And a doughnut for breakfast. These things make you seem like not even a big deal. 

A few months ago I saw a dress like the one I have on today on the fabulous Mrs. Quirk over here and loooooved it. Her ModCloth version with tights and boots was just about the sassiest thing ever: 

And although I'm not wearing a pair of fabulous boots on this hot day, I did find a dress similar to hers at ROSS for a mere 9.99!! Even a boring old Wednesday can't take the joy that brought me away. Not to mention that while we were taking these very outfit pics I got to meet a FABULOUS reader, Heather, who is adorable and awesome, as all you readers are. So fun. Nope Wednesday, you don't stand a chance around these parts. 

Dress: ROSS 9.99, Belt: Kohls 4.99, Leggings: ROSS 4.99, 
Flats: Payless 11.99, Earrings: Gift

Have a happy Wednesday and I mean it!

PS. Today is the LAST day to enter to win, and your chance are GOOD! Get on it!