The Bachelorette, and my mouth, and a winner.

Disclosure: I plan to discuss the Bachelorette in this post. I mention this because you may be one of those people who chooses to use their brains on Monday nights so you may not want to proceed. However, I am not one of them. I watch, and it pleases me. Judge away. Or just skip down to the bottom to see if you won the giveaway. You are now fully disclosed.

Everyone has a favorite go-to item in their closet, that one thing that you love and so you keep buying things like it. I get that. I have 2 of the exact same skirt in different colors and I'm all about it. However, for Ashley on the Bachelorette, this affinity for liking a piece of clothing and collecting multiples has reached outrageous proportions. She seems to believe that wearing about a billion flowy-oversized-button-up-tunic-shirt-things is the ticket to sassy town. She wears at least one EVERY episode. She wears them with pants, without pants, with a shirt under it, or for those real special dates, just her bra {class-tastic}.

In case you don't watch or you are not as anal retentive as I am, I have put together an "Ashley is wearing the same kind of top AGAIN" collage for you:

And that is only 9 of MANY more. I happen to believe that she has a small militia of flowy-button-up makers she takes with her in her travels 'round Asia to find love, since those things just keep on comin.

Me? Well, I have only 2 of that sort of top in my closet. Ya know, like a normal person. And I wore one yesterday as I channeled my inner Ashley, and said the words Bentley, dot dot dot, and per-FACT a lot.


Okay, here is the outfit. Also, you see my mouth in one of these. And my cat. You can't post a blog about the Bachelorette without incorporating some sort of scandal, ya know? You may gasp dramatically now.

Jeans: Alloy 9.99, Top: Old Navy 7.99, Belt, thrifted 1.00,
 Necklace: F21 4.99, Shoes: Shiekh shoes 25.00

...And now the winner of the $30 shop credit to Adri Apparel is:

Jennie who said: 

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Congratulations Jennie! 
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Thanks to all who entered! You guys are the greatest.
You may now put your predictions for which sucker Ashley chooses in the comments. Go.