Who's with me?!

You guys. I had the weekend of my dreams. Let me tell you about it.

First, on Friday, my husband was in one of those moods where he would do anything I wanted to do, and he would act excited about it. So we got Chinese takeout, watched Anne of Green Gables for four hours, and gave feet rubs... and by that I mean, he gave me feet rubs.

Then, on Saturday we had some delish French toast with strawberries and buttermilk syrup (have you had? It is our favorite thing ever for french toast, waffles, or pancakes. Let me know if you want the recipe. Which you do), got killer deals shopping (got a new swimsuit from Old Navy for $10), ate lunch at Costa Vida, and later on watched four more hours of Anne of Green Gables.

And on top of that, the weather was AMAZE, so I got a healthy amount of sun and feel much better because I am no longer a pasty-paste.

I just feel so happy and ready to get through this week so I can have another weekend similar to this past one.  So I thought I would put on a dress and face this day/week head on.
 {dress: Old Navy $6, boots: PacSun $13.99}

Now, go put on your best dress, and let's get through these next few work/school/week days together! Who's with me?!