The time I wore a maxi dress, and a giveaway winner!

Hi world. This is me. In a maxi dress: 

Dress: F21 10.99, Necklace: F21 4.99, Jacket: ROSS 8.99, Shoes: Payless 14.99
{My apologies for the ill-lit pictures. It was pouring outside! Pouring, I tell you!}

I swore I'd never do it. Not because I didn't think they were adorable, but because I am 5' 2" and shaped like a refrigerator. Nevertheless, this weekend I hesitantly slipped one on, and you know what? I liked it. It was really just like wearing a t-shirt that goes all the way to the floor. Or a night gown, minus the discomfort of waking up in the morning with no clothes on since night gowns never stay put and always end up in a bunch around your neck leaving your more or less nakey, but I digress...

Other things I like? Picking give away winners! {I really do! This is not just one of my many clever attempts to segway.} And so, the winner of the necklace from Antique Inspired is:

Lynda who said: 

i'm following and i voted! there is no "up to you" 
on the staying anonymous question... =\

Congratulations Lynda! Email us at to get your necklace!

Big HUGE thanks to everyone who entered and who voted in our polls! It meant a lot to us that so many of you gave your thoughts on where we should go with the blog! It looks like staying anonymous is winning by a hair, and we like being stealth so we have no plans to show our faces for awhile, but you never know what could happen! It also looks like most of you would like to see more than just affordable fashion on here as well, which is exciting!

So, thanks again for reading, voting, entering, and being good people.
Love you, mean it.