I'm back from my trip to the lovely shores of La Jolla. It was bliss. I saw dolphins, and ate seafood at the pier, and laid on the beach, and sufficiently convinced myself that I should just sell all of my belongings and move there and become a hippy-surfer-vagabond and menace to society. Husband agrees.

However, until we can get a garage sale going, I will continue my normal life, including showing you what I wore. Like this simple little number I wore on one of my favorite nights out in La Jolla:

Skirt: Lands End 19.99, Top: F21 4.99, Necklace: F21 4.99, Sandals: Target 9.99

That right there is my new Lands End skirt I mentioned in this post. I loooove it. A skirt with pockets is like a three-day-weekend, or a 50% off coupon at your favorite store, or hot fudge on...well...anything. I love throwing on a white t-shirt and simple skirt, so easy and pretty, which I had to be to compete with a night this gorgeous: 

Ssssiiiiigggghhhh. Anyone wanna buy all my stuff?? The ocean is calling me back.


PS. The winner of the Nautilus Necklace from Love Spell Jewels is:

Emma who said:
This is so pretty! I LOVE it!