Secrets of happiness.

Well, sometimes I just don't have that much to write about. Or anything to write about, really. Today is one of those days. Maybe this week is just one of those weeks. You know the type. So freakin busy at work. Stressed out of my mind. Trying to finish up school. Eyes itching up the ying yang. Tummy ache. Haven't been sleeping well. You know... just life. Oh ya, and my closet looks like this:

This is not staged, I swear. This is authentic evidence of my current lifestyle. I won't tell you how long its been like that because that would just be embarrassing. But for some reason I cannot make myself clean it. I wish someone else would just come clean it for me. That would make getting dressed a lot easier. Its really hard right now.

Anyway, I did the best I could and put this on.

 {shirt: Walmart $5, pants: Old Navy gift, belt: forever21 $2.50, shoes: DSW gift}

Luckily on days/weeks like this, and even when I have a disastrous closet, I have lots to make my happy. I.e. polka dot wedges (as seen above), Pumpkin Flax Granola (I want to eat it for every meal, you must try), watching Modern Family in bed with my husband, summer work parties that allow me to not cook dinner, YouTube (specifically this video), family visits here, and lots lots lots more.

I hope you have a seriously great day. And if you have secrets to happiness that I don't have listed, please share.

Yours truly,


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