The Discount Store Debate.

If you frequent this blog then you know that S and I are big ROSS/TJMaxx/Discount Store connoisseurs. If you don't frequent this blog, well, then, you should so you can know this too. We LOVE deals so we love ROSS. Yes, you have to assume the role of an archaeologist when you enter the doors since it does require a lot of digging, but the reward can be huge.

However, the fact that some people don't love discount stores like ROSS is not lost on me. There are times when there are more rhinestone studded jeans hanging in there then you'd find at a rodeo, and crappy/weird clothes abound. But there are times when the heavens open and there are some straight-up gems. Today we have examples of both, from a singular ROSS excursion S and I went on a few days ago.

Exhibit A: Unfortunate.

I don't even know how to categorize these. They are jeans at the top, then turn to leg warmers at the bottom. I know there is some joke here, possibly involving Olivia Newton-John and the video for "Let's get Physical", but I can't. I just can't.

It is these types of weird hybrid jeans/legwarmer things that give discount stores a bad name, leading you to believe you can only find cute clothes at full price. It is not true though, friends. Not true.

Enter, exhibit B: Holy cuteness:

I found these Steve Madden beauties the same day as the monstrosity pictured above for $14.99. You see? At ROSS freaky legwarmer jeans and adorable floral wedges can co-exist, and it's a beautiful thing. Now, my point is: Stop being afraid of your local discount store. The savings are big if you have the patience. I recommend bringing a friend to make the digging fun. And maybe a snack. You might get hungry.

Here is how I wore my new precious ROSS find yesterday:

Top: Charlotte Russe 9.99, Skirt: H&M 14.99, Shoes: ROSS 14.99

And if you are still skeptical, S and I are available for hire as your discount store guides. We are very affordable and accept payment in the form of shoes or Dairy Queen gift cards. Extra charges may be incurred if you want compliments in the dressing room. Give us a call.

oxox/ W.

PS...Stay tuned for a faaabulous giveaway coming this afternoon!