I hope I didn't get your hopes up too much with my post title. Unfortunately, no, this post will not be about the hit 90's tv show about a bunch of kid detectives from Brooklyn who solve crimes with the help of an apostrophe-shaped ghost who communicates by writing in a composition notebook. If it was about that though, it would be awesome. And involve an in-depth discussion about oversized plaid shirts and overalls. Bless you 1995.

No, this post is really S's, but she is soooo busy this week with coordinating a conference on campus that she requires a ghostwriter, me, to post her outfits. And it's a real cute one:

Dress: F21 $10, Scarf: TJMaxx $12.99, Shoes: Target $14.98

And she put the entire outfit together for under $40!
Even ghostwriter himself couldn't have pulled that one off.