Dang hair...

So I am growing my hair out. It's so freaking hard.

I have this dream that if I can just be patient, take plenty of pre-natal and biotin vitamins, and never actually do my hair to prevent it from any damage, someday my hair will look like Elizabeth's:
{the pony tail of my dreams}

or Emily's:
{beach waves of my dreams}

But then I remember that my pony tail is like half an inch in diameter, so it might not even look good long. But I also have this fear that my face is too round for short hair... or I would have cut it like Sarah:

Or Jentrie:

Anyway, I am in that horrible shoulder length in between area, and I just really need some support to get through this very difficult time in my life (okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic, like is hard). Please, give your hair growing/cutting tips, motivations, opinions, etc. I would love to hear. 

On a side note, here is what I am wearing today, with a little peek at the length of my hair so you can give more objective advice.
 {dress: Target $8, sweater: Target $12, shoes: Target $6.25.... I did not realize that I was wearing Target head to toe until I typed this. Embarrassing}

Hair input will be well received... promise.