Color blocking, baby.

With Fathers Day on the horizon (coming up on Sunday... you can thank me later for the reminder), I just want to brag about mine and W's dad. Bare with me? Thanks.

Our Dad is almost 54, and on Saturday, he ran a half marathon, which is awesome in and of itself. But it was just one of many he has participated in, and this time, he set a personal record. I think it was 1 hour and 49 minutes. Over 13 miles. 1 hour and 49 minutes. Almost 54 years old.

So cool, right? 

We are so proud of him. He is the best dad ever. And we hope we can be just like him someday. Especially the ripped at 54 part. Love. You. Dad.

On another note, on Friday night, before the race, we went out to eat as a family to help Dad carbo-load. We all met at the restaurant at the designated time, only to find this...

 S on the left...W on the right.
(Our apologies for the poor picture quality. You see, we hadn't planned on wearing the exact SAME thing and only had cell phone cameras to document.)

Seriously? Matching outfits? NOT planned. We are neither the Olsen twins circa 1998 nor are we 6, but we do love color blocking. And sandals. So, twin outfits it was. 

We thought maybe you would be interested in matching us, too, in case we all decide to meet at a restaurant some weekend soon for dinner, since matching for these occasions is something W and I do now.

 Are you in? Then here are some matchy-matchy options under $20 each: 

Top $18

Skinnies $10.50
Sandals $9.99

So, to review, we have the pictures of us as twins, the outfit all set so that you can look like twins with us, now all I need is to conjure up a good twin joke to wrap this all up. So far I have an idea that involves Doublemint gum, or something with the Olsen twin's famous one-liners from Full House such as "You got it, dude!" But, unfortunately nothing is coming to fruition. Must be Monday.

Hope it is double the fun! Yep, see, I got nothing.
Have a great day! ox/S.

PS. Enter already!!