Bless you.

I've got the allergies today.

I know that is just what you wanted to read having clicked on over here this morning. You likely thought to yourself, "I wonder how W's upper respiratory health is today?" and I delivered, because that is what I like to do, because you, dear reader, are important to me.

I have sneezed more than 20 times already, and the girl in the office next to me is sooooo nice and keeps the "bless you's" a comin. Except, after the 17th sneeze in a row you'd think she'd just give up and pretend she doesn't hear my brains trying to escape my nasal cavity, and yet, she doesn't, she keeps on blessing me.

Right now it is kinda funny, but once I get into the triple digits I think it might be weird. I mean, I get it. You are polite. You want to acknowledge my sneezes, and they like that, sure, who doesn't like validation? But seriously, I have sneezed 100 times, so cut it out.

Either way I will take it. I hate the allergies but I find them a very small price to pay for the sun being up after nine, sandal weather, and a little browner skin. I will sneeze 30 times in a morning, and potentially scream at my "bless you-ing" coworkers all day for that. Worth it.

Other things about summer I love? Skirts. Grass. The lilac bush in my backyard. Red, white, and blue. And all those things together:

Skirt: Kohls 15.99, Top: Old Navy 4.99, Sandals: Target 9.99, Earrings: F21 3.99, Bangles: Gift

Happy summer, Tuesday, and whatever else makes you happy... 
...and "bless you" for reading! {I had to. I just had to.}


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