Pretty Little bows.

I have a really bad attitude today. These things happen. This particular baditude is the result of a 3 day weekend that was beyond lovely aside from the cold and rainy weather the entire weekend, which I would have been fine with except for the fact that now that I sit trapped behind my desk inside the confinement of my office, the weather is perfection. Of course! Sunny and 75 degrees! Just gorgeous. And cruel.

The cure for the post 3 day weekend baditude? Bows. Especially if they are atop a present. Those kind of bows will cure what ails ya. The other kind of bows I enjoy? Bows on clothes, or accessories. They are just precious, I think. Like this little bow top I wore yesterday....

Bow Top: F21 14.99, Belt: Thrifted: $1.00, Jeans: Old Navy 7.99, Flats: Payless 9.99

A girl in one of my classes told me once when I wore this top that it was like "Anne of Green Gables but sexy." I am allllll about. I heart Anne Shirley. 

Need some bows in your life? All of these little treasures are $25 or under: 

Shop: Sandals, Dress, Necklace, Top, Belt

I think I am feeling better already. And, just think of what would happen if you received these bow treats in a box as a gift tied up with a bow??

Holy cow. I think my head just exploded from bow joy.

Happy Tuesday!
ox. W.

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