Out of the picture.

Good morrrrrnnnniiiiinnnnngggg! You guys, today is a great day. Something happened that is a seriously big deal. You will be so happy for me.  Ready?

Today was the first day that I didn't have to wear a coat to work and school!

Amazing, right? I wasn't even cold, and I really felt like five pounds lighter. So now that coats are out of the picture, hopefully tights and sweaters will be on their way out pretty soon, too.  Like the ones I still had to wear today.

{shirt: 4.50 Old Navy, sweater: 19.99 Maurices, skirt: 9.99 ROSS}

I am picturing this outfit minus the sweater and tights, and plus some wedges and a tan. So let's all channel some major optimism and get spring to stay for good. Sound like a plan?

Yours truly,