I love America, and Anthropologie, and lots of other things.

While it seems quite inconsequential to spend time blogging about clothes on a day like this where there is so much of more importance to think about and be grateful for, I do have finals that I must procrastinate studying for, and this is one of the best ways I know how, so the blogging must go on!

So, lets just say that one of the ways we are showing our pride in our country today is by blogging about whatever the heck we want and wearing whatever the heck we want, because we can! God Bless America.

Now, staying on the theme of American pride, I will say that one of the most wonderful places you can find yourself in in this great country is the volcano-candle scented loveliness of Anthropologie. It's true. It is pretty. It is there to make us happy. I wish they would let me just move in there and sleep on one of their patchwork quilts. However, even a single dish towel purchased there will cost you $18. CRAZY. And while the fact that as a frugal girl I will never own the Blythe chair in Ruby Ikat is a hard pill to swallow, I assure you, that while it is difficult at times there is a kind of freedom that comes in knowing that you don't have buy cardigans that cost over $100 to be pretty.

Case in point: The Pom Flower Shift dress by Anthropologie. Price: $128

I love the big, bold flower print. It is just perfect. However, I did not even spend $128 on my wedding dress (yes, I'm serious), so no matter how pretty your shift dresses may be Anthro, I will not surrender!

Instead I found some big, bold flower prints of my own on a dress from ROSS for $8.99. It's true, I could have bought 14 of these dresses at ROSS for the price of one from Anthro.

 Dress: ROSS 8.99, Leggings: ROSS 4.99, Shoes: ROSS 7.99, Belt: Thrifted .99

I will now end my rant with an open letter to Anthropologie. It will be short.

Dear Anthropologie,

You are so pretty, and I love you. However, could you please remember that tablecloths for $78 are freaking crazy? This goes for headbands, t-shirts, and pillowcases too. Please keep this in mind for your fall collection.

Yours truly,