Just a thought.

Well, today is certainly one of those days.

And I even wrote a post where I complained about and listed all the things that have gone wrong up to this point in my day. And there were lots of things.

But then I felt bad. Because, here's the thing...

My life is not hard. I really have nothing to complain about. My family rocks. They are my best friends. My husband is number one. He is so good to me and works so hard. I am so lucky to have a good job. My boss has taken such good care of me the past couple years. I am able to go to school. For free. I live in a cute place with everything I could ever want. 

I. Am. Blessed.

So I chose to erase my original depressing post, and instead I am just going to leave you with something to think about.

Isn't this the truth...