W for President.

Well, happy Monday friends!

It came fast didn't it? It seems like just yesterday we were wishing you a happy weekend, and then all of a sudden here we are staring down the barrel of another week faster than a fist fight in a phone booth. It's just not right.

Now, maybe I shouldn't rub it in, but I'm actually not at work today. I'm taking what I like to call a little mental health day. Sometimes they are just necessary in order to go on as a contributing member of society. It's amazing what a little sleeping in, mid-day window shopping, husband lunch date and Oprah watching can do for the psyche. If I were president, I would most certainly make monthly mental health days part of my health plan. Along with weekly massages for everyone in the country and mandatory beach vacations in the winter to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I would be a real good president. Serious.

And of course part of my domestic policy would include helping America to look cute, like with these skirts, all real springy and all $25 or under:

Shop: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

And here I am looking very presidential
(what? you've never seen a president in magenta tights?):

Top: Downeast $9.99, Necklace F21 8.99, Skirt: F21 22.90,
Belt: Thrifted $1, Tights: Kohls 3.99, Shoes: Old Navy 5.99

What do you think? W in 2012?? I'm thinkin so.