You wouldn't believe how many times I have erased and restarted this post today.

First, I started with a little one liner about the weather {because that's never been done on this blog}. Then, I tried one about breakfast foods {because what else could possibly be on my mind right now?}. Then, another about how S and I spent half of the day yesterday shoe shopping for my graduation {THE most vitally important part of a graduates outifit. I would know, I go to college}.

And, as you can gather, none of the aforementioned subjects took. I attribute this partially to the fact that being an English major this time of year means writing so much your brain gets real mad and doesn't want to have to come up with any more things to write, but mostly I think its because I need a vacation, and I bet you probably do too.

Unfortunately, I have no plans to be laying on a beach in Cabo anytime soon, but I do have a little embroidered dress inspired by Mexico that makes me feel happy:
{Dress: Alloy $8.99, Belt: Kohls $3, Leggings: ROSS $4.99, Shoes: ROSS $7.99}

And F21 happens to have lots of little affordable lovelies which are
similar to it that you would look real cute in:

{Find them here}

Ok, so it's no vacation per se, but you will look pretty, and you could wear it to a Mexican restaurant where you order horchatta and fried ice cream and yell "ole!" every once in awhile.

Yes, it's true, I'm just a natural problem solver.
What would you do without me?

{what i wore wednesday}