Here's the thing...

S looked SO freaking cute in her maxi dress yesterday that I am struggling with what to follow her post with. It's quite the challenge to have to compare with the cuteness. Yes, it's true, my burdens are many.

Now, you see, I also recently purchased my first maxi dress, and it is one that I believe to be the cutest thing ever, but I am afraid to wear it because I have never worn one. So, it just hangs there on my closet door, haunting me like a really cute striped ghost. Someday I plan to get it out and show it a good time, but until I can muster the courage I am sticking with what I know, such as red, and black, and white, and stripes, and florals, and then all those things together.

Skirt: ROSS 7.99, top: ROSS 3.99, Necklace: Walmart 5.00 , Flats: Target 9.99

Want to know what else I know? I know where you can get some fab red/black
things for real cheap right now, such as:

This pair of fab red flats (every girl needs a pair) at Target for $9.08:

This darling statement necklace at American Eagle on sale for $6.95:

This red patent-leather belt from Windsor Store for $3.49:

Other things I know?
Who the winner of the fabulous Pussycat Vintage giveaway is:

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Thanks to everyone who entered!
You are all very attractive and we like you.

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